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Intranet & Extranet 2.0

MyPBS Workplace Profile

PBS Digital WorkPlace Collaboration Tools

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is an American public broadcaster non-profit organization and government-funded educational television programming distributor to public television stations in the United States.


PBS launched a multi-year modernization initiative to redesign and relaunch their intranet/extranet PBS Connect into MyPBS a more interactive intranet to give their site a 2.0 look and feel and improve collaboration and communication both within PBS (intranet) and with local affiliate stations (extranet).

  • My Task

    I was active throughout each stage of the UX research and UI design process of the project. In support of UX, insights researcher started with creating visualizations of user research analysis including creating process workflow diagrams and other data-driven findings for the extranet.

    1. I worked closely with the Sr. Product Manager to create mockups, prototype incremental feature updates for testing.
    2. Crafted dashboard iconography assets.
    3. Designed training and promotional materials to increase acceptance of the new collaborative intranet/extranet while facing out PBS Connect.
    • MyPBS Ciscumstance
    • How Contents Moves through MyPBS
    • Pulling vs. Pushing Content though MyPBS
    • MyPBS Pulling Contewnt WorkFlow
    • MyPBS Pushing Content Workflow
    • MyPBS Transmission Dashboard
    • MyPBS Programs board
    • MyPBS Training Calendar board
    • MyPBS Watch board
    • MyPBS Group Spaces board
  • Timeline

    My collaboration with the Digital WorkPlace Product Team started in March 2013 in a short term capacity till April 2013. Then again in a full-time short-term capacity between October 2013 through November 2014.

    • Services

      - Research Support
      - Concept Design
      - Visual Design

    • Deliverables

      - Data Gathering Diagrams
      - Opportunity Infographics
      - UI dashboard icons
      - User Journey Stories
      - Training Material


The result is that myPBS dashboard user interface for the intranet and extranet has been modernized efficiently based on user experience research. The new interface helps people to be better able to communicate and share information. The new interface has been relaunched, introduced to the relevant audience and educational materials have been created to help users get the most out of it. Engagement is up, and people are more effectively able to communicate and share information within the PBS organization and with public member stations.

  • Detailed Hi-Fidelity Prototype
  • MyPBS Flow of Business Infographic
  • User Training Brochure
  • Sharing and Storing wireframe
  • PBS Schedule Viewer User Story
  • PBS Extranet Program Dashboard infographic
  • Program Dashboard Coffee Break Training concept design